How to Start a Business from the Basics

We’ve all been there before. Sick of our corporate job and ready to do our own thing. Sure, it will be easy, right? Everyone has a great idea for a business. Why wouldn’t it be successful? Does this sound like you? Well, it was me over 11 years ago.


I wasn’t sure how to start a business or even why I should start this business. I jumped right in and went for it and then figured it out as I go. Sure, I went to college and have a degree. Actually, my bachelor’s degree is in business, but there is so much more that you learn as you just go after it and DO IT!


This is me in my early years working in a studio on my own. Not only did I help build and wire it, I called it home for 5 years.


How to Start Your Business from the Basics
Early years of Starting my Business

Before you jump into a business venture you need to start from the basics. You need to learn how to start your business by learning your driving force behind your decision. Ask yourself, why do you want to start a business?

  • More family time
  • Your own schedule
  • Make more money
  • Want to be your own boss
  • The list goes on


So why do you want to start a business? Understand that first. Get a clear message and reason why you want to start one as this will be your driving force to keep you going when times get tough. And they will. It’s fun when you first kick off your business, but like all others, there comes a point where you get stuck and discouraged.


This stage is where your business fails or succeeds!


You must push through to become successful. And the way to do that is remember why you wanted to start your business. Build the foundation of where you want to go in your business and how you are going to get there. These simple steps will help you have a clear vision to push through all the noise.


I’ve been there, I’ve struggled and almost threw in the towel. But I didn’t, and that is because I knew why I decided to venture off on my own and start this business.


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